Are you planning an interesting and unforgettable trip with your loved ones, friends, family members, or an inseparable partner in the coming days or months? Then, mark our words, try visiting the legacy hunting grounds of the kings and queens of Jaipur, India.

Located approximately 200 KM away from Jaipur lies the Ranthambore national park. It can be your next utopia destination, giving you the right choice destination to spend quality time in nature’s landscape & beauty.

This park is famously known for the Tigers and is the safe shelter or a perfect home for various wildlife species. Tourists come here in the peak seasons and enjoy the jungle safari and take back the memories of wilderness with them. It is India’s one of the best national parks known to the world.

That’s because you see the tigers in action. Moreover, watching them pass your jeeps gives a lifetime feeling. To enjoy an adventurous journey, straight into the heart of nature, the Ranthambore safari is the most reliable and safest trip you can have.

Recently, the mega Bollywood stars Amitabh Bachan, Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, and many more visited Ranthambore. Due to that, the place is again in the limelight across the world. Today, in this blog post, we provide you a guide to the park, answering all major questions –

How to Visit Ranthambore National Park?

Known as the north star of the tiger reserve campaign in India, transportation to the Ranthambore is well equipped and fully versed with rails and roads from all cities in India. In case you are a foreigner, then grab a flight to New Delhi, and book a private taxi to Sawai Madhopur. Also, you can book Indian Railways to Sawai Madhopur from Delhi on the IRCTC Connect mobile app.

However, you must know the Ranthambore national park safari timings before you start making a list of the tourist destinations. India witnesses all seasons of the year, and Ranthambore is in Rajasthan, where heat keeps us high.

Ranthambore can heat up to 45°C in summers and go down to 4°C in the winters. Therefore, the best time to visit Ranthambore National Park is before and after the rainy season. Furthermore, the best month to see tigers in Ranthambore is from October to June. If your luck shines, then you will see the one strolling on the Ranthambore grounds hunting deer or wild boars!

Remember, the Ranthambore safari timings are fixed in the morning and evening. The Ranthambore forest authorities designated paths, pre-assigned ways, and fixed time schedules. In case, if you are left behind, then you are probably dead.

So, understand all the rules of this man-eating ruled jungle before doing a Ranthambore jungle safari booking. And keep following this guide!

What to Opt – Jeep Safari or Canter Safari?

There are 10 Ranthambore National Park zones for wilderness safari. Every time a set number of safari vehicles (Jeep or Canter) are sent in these zones by the forest department. While booking your Jeep and Canter Safari, keep the air out of your head and book accordingly.

In a jeep Ranthambore safari, only six passenger seats are available. Thus, the jeep is the best fit for a small group. On the other hand, if you have a big group, then book a canter. It has 20 passenger seats. There exists no seat allocation policy; you can sit on any seat.

Talking about the Ranthambore national park ticket prices, then let’s tell you that the cost varies and depends entirely on your Ranthambore trip provider. At Indian Inspire Journey, we provide Ranthambore safari tours and trip packages at affordable prices.

Top Places to Visit In Ranthambore!

You will indeed get to see tigers in action, but your focus shouldn’t be only on tigers. Because several places are offering you a chance to observe nature’s incredible magical beauty. You will witness the wildlife at its fullest form, nourishing itself purely.

Besides the tiger park, there are different places to visit in Ranthambore park that are joyful, historical, engaging, and eye-catching. You can visit them in your leisure time. Below we have mentioned some places:

Ranthambore Fort, Kachida Valley, Raj Bagh Ruins, Padam Talao, Raj Bagh Talao, Surwal Lake, Padam Lake, Village Women Craft, Ranthambore School of Art, etc. are the major attractions of Ranthambore tiger safari!

We are certain that your trip to Ranthambore National Park and close-by tourist places and touring areas will be an inspiring one. Nonetheless, it very well becomes exciting if you book Indian Inspire Journey’s Ranthambore Safari.

The tigers are the star occupants at Ranthambore; however, don’t disregard the rich variety of wildlife that calls the park home. You can see different animals like panthers, sloth bears, leopards, monkeys, deers, hyenas, and more.

Additionally, there are endless species of reptiles, birds, insects, crocodiles, and beautiful butterflies. The flora is comparably noteworthy. The park has the biggest banyan trees in India and holds cultural importance.

Where to Stay?

If you are looking to stay within the park, then sorry there are no options for the accommodations. All the hotels, guesthouses, villas, and resorts are outside the park around the Sawai Madhopur city. Book one depending on your budget.

Maybe you are looking for a family retreat in this wildlife park, comfortable leisure stays, and an adventurous safari holiday, the Indian Inspire Journey can provide you with the best budget hotels in Ranthambore. We offer you the perfect blend of adventure, comfort, and luxury.

Otherwise, you can book luxury resorts in Ranthambore and experience the beauty, exotic wildlife of the Ranthambore forest. Memories last a lifetime!

Make every memory count and stay in luxury resorts and hotels in Ranthambore national park. Chill, travel, enjoy the safari, and don’t forget to review and rate us on Google!

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