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Most of the tourists/travelers don’t know how to book Ranthambore wildlife safari online. That’s why we thought to publish a blog article on the booking-related information on the Tiger safari in Ranthambore National Park.

The Forest Department of GOI (Government of India) controls the online booking process of Ranthambore wildlife safari. Yes, booking online tickets for wildlife safaris are available; however, the zone selection is quite difficult. The best mode of safari can be anything either jeep or canter, but picking the best zone is critical.

Booking your tickets has two options; either book via the Ranthambore Forest Department website or from private safari organizers such as Indian Inspire Journey. You can swing both ways depending upon your budget and capacity.

What are the Online Booking Procedures for Ranthambore Safari?

Ranthambore safari online bookings are 365 days open every year. While booking your tickets for the tiger safari, you have to select your preferred zone, date, and time. The forest department sends limited vehicles to the park for safari.

You can do the Ranthambore tiger safari in two shifts, i.e., afternoon and morning. This park has 10 different safari zones and the tour will take a minimum of 3.5 hours in the jeep or canter!

Below are some important points related to online safari booking:

  • To book a safari, you need to give information like the name, age, location, gender, DoB, etc. as printed on your IDs.
  • Select safari date, time, safari zone, and safari vehicle.
  • Photo ID card of all the visitors
  • Provide a photo identity card and the number of all visitors.
  • Provide a copy of all visitors’ ID cards to your safari provider at the time of safari.
  • Types of ID cards accepted: Passport, Driving License, Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Student ID/office ID, and Voter ID Card
  • Passport is only valid for foreigners and NRI visitors.
  • The Safari booking for Ranthambore National Park package includes park entry fee, guide/forest member assistance fee, and vehicle fee. To book a jungle safari, you must pay the full amount in advance.

Keep These Things in Mind, Buying Online Tickets for Wildlife Safaris!

  • Pay in advance, bring all sorts of ID cards, and the cards must be photo identity cards.
  • There is no cancellation or refund policy after a confirmed booking.
  • No refund or cancellation on confirmed booking.
  • You can book a safari from Indian Inspire Journey in advance in any of the 365 days of the year.
  • Bringing a passport is mandatory for the non-citizens of India.
  • Jungle safari is on a first-come, first-served basis, so book your zones early. Also, the vehicles are subject to availability.
  • While booking, mention the name of your hotel/resort in Ranthambore.
  • No seat numbers are allocated in the jeep and safari. Sit down anywhere in the vehicle and enjoy your Ranthambore National Park safari tour. Visitors can take seats as per availability.
  • Visitors must come to the boarding point early. They should come 30 minutes prior to the scheduled vehicle departure of the safari.
  • Handing your identity proof before entering the park is necessary.
  • Coming to the health aspect, we always recommend nature lovers like you to carry their prescribed medicines and drugs with them. We do have first aid in the jeep, but it’s better to keep the required medicines with you.
  • Don’t get off the vehicle and keep your excitement low. It’s not your territory at all!
  • Don’t feed animals and refrain from littering. Keep your phones switched off or on silent mode. Don’t smoke or carry any sort of combustible substance with you.
  • The jungle is not the right place to make friends or enemies. In case an animal comes near you, just be still, show them respect, and keep breathing slowly peacefully.
  • Safari is a 3 to 4 hours long journey. And eating in the jungle isn’t a good option at all. However, you can keep yourself hydrated with water and juices.

Which is Better: Jeep Safari v/s Canter Safari?

When you are doing Ranthambore wildlife safari in a jeep, then remember that it has only six passenger seats. On the other hand, the canter is best for a big group. In the canter, there are 20 passenger seats. You can sit on any seat. There is no such seat allocation policy; however, the vehicle number is allocated after you reach the boarding point.

On the day of the safari, you get a vehicle allotment because the jungle safari is at the availability of permitted vehicles. The park entry fees, forest guide fee, vehicle fee, etc. everything is paid when you are doing Ranthambore safari online booking. And it is non-refundable!

The department doesn’t designate seat numbers in the safari vehicle. Visitors haphazardly take seats as per the unfilled seat in the vehicle. In case you are a couple and save two seats in a jeep or canter, you will partake in a wilderness safari alongside different sightseers.

In Ranthambore National Park, a forest aide is commanded with a wilderness safari. The best time to visit Ranthambore is from October to June. You can likewise choose Safari Zone while booking Jeep and Canter Safari. Ranthambore National Park has 10 zones for wilderness safari.

A set number of safari vehicles are permitted in every safari zone by the forest department. If you choose to change the safari zone, it very well may be changed in the wake of paying an extra fee. Notwithstanding, an official choice to support is with the forest department.

How We Can Help You?

At the Indian Inspire Journey website, we want to provide you with all kinds of information related to Ranthambore National Park Safari Booking, Safari zones, Safari Timings, Travel Information, Wildlife Information, Accommodation, Various Wildlife Packages, and other Holiday Packages.

You will get important information about Ranthambore safari bookings such as how to do online safari booking, cost of the safari, safari time, and documents required for safari booking.

Ranthambore Tiger Reserve has about 70 tigers living in amazing rocky plains and steep cliffs. Apart from this, it has a variety of flora and fauna covering 5 Major Attractions of the Ranthambore Tiger Safari!

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