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The travel and tourism industry in India was hit seriously during the first wave of Coronavirus COVID-19 in the year 2020. Major lockdowns and physical distancing kept the industry isolated. Again in 2021, came the second wave disturbing this industry.

And now in 2022, India is again under the impact of the 3rd wave. However, the vacation during COVID mass scaled, and more than 85% of the Indian population got vaccinated. As a result, the situation despite the increase in COVID cases seems controlled and easily manageable.

That’s why the Indian government isn’t imposing a lockdown but is taking precautionary measures at their fullest. Out of many measures, the international travel tips during COVID are getting stronger, and more travel safety tips during COVID-19 are being imposed.

Among the Indian tourism industry, visiting the wildlife parks, tiger & lion sanctuaries, biological & zoological parks, etc. are still open and in action. In Rajasthan, India lies a tremendous and adventurous wildlife park ready to serve your holiday plans.

Yes, we are talking about the Ranthambore National Park that offers the best chances to witness tigers in action. If you have plans to visit this park, then follow the COVID-19 precautionary rules discussed below!

Safety Rules While Traveling Ranthambore Safari!

Below are the top safety tips while traveling to follow when you are coming to experience the wildlife. Following these rules are mandatory. Once you do online Ranthambore safari booking, you get a list of all COVID-19 precautionary measures followed by the trip providers!

Make A List of Essentials

If you are well-organized with your essentials such as sanitizer, hand wash, face shields and masks, medicines, disinfectant wipes, and easy-to-use tissues, then you are ready to tour Ranthambore National park. Make sure to invest in these things to save yourself, prevent contamination, and prevent the further spread of the virus.

Mask Up; Don’t Lose Your Guard

Face-to-face contact is very dangerous in today’s time. Use N-95 masks only. For traveling purposes, only use N-95 masks because they block 95% of virus particles and make the air around you easily breathable. You can use reusable cloth masks too along with surgical masks.

Use Soap and Sanitizers

Washing your hands frequently is a good habit. However, it is now a mandatory step to avoid infection. Use good hand wash or soap. If you are in a public space, then use sanitizers, disinfectant wipes, and spray.

Follow Social Distancing

Social distancing is bliss at a foreign place. Avoid public transport and don’t go to public places, markets, and maintain a safe distance. You must follow safety measures while traveling to any new place.

Be Mindful – What You Eat/Drink

Consume freshly-made food items. Don’t eat at stalls and public food fairs. It is better to eat food from a good restaurant; though it costs you more.

Book Safe Hotels/Properties Carefully

If you are traveling to Ranthambore wildlife park, then Indian Inspire Journey can help you to book ranthambore hotels and resorts safe for your stay. It is better to disinfect your room in front of you following proper safety measures.

Minimal Contact Clothing

Coronavirus isn’t only transmissible via air. The virus can stick to your clothes, and touching them can risk your life. Therefore, if you are traveling among unknown places, wear multiple clothes. Keep a layer of clothes on your body.

Plan Ahead With Testing

Many of us are confused about the COVID-19 test reports. We don’t get symptoms, but still, we are tested positive. If you are going back to your home, then get an RT-PCR test. Also, if you are vaccinated, then get an Antigen test.

Plan and get yourself tested between your traveling schedules from time to time. It will reduce stress and anxiety and will help you to travel better.

Quarantine Yourself When You Are At Home

Once you are home after completing your Ranthambore tour, then quarantine yourself for a minimum of 7 days. Opt to work from home at your offices and stop going outside from your home. Enjoy your quarantine safely, eat healthily.

Precautions to Be Taken During the Flight

  • Follow the airport testing protocols
  • Don’t travel during cough and fever
  • Wear masks and a face shield
  • Wash your hands, use hand sanitizers
  • Avoid touching your face
  • During the flight, inform crew members of medical assistance
  • Practice physical distancing
  • Comply with local travel regulations

NOTE: Before visiting Ranthambore, you need to follow the most pivotal vacation safety tips, i.e., get your both vaccination doses done!

Best Tips For Keeping Safe In Jungle

  • To nature and wildlife lovers, we suggest you carry your essential medicines and health-related things. Indian Inspire Journey has a first aid kit in their safari vehicles; however, don’t forget to carry your routine medicines with you.
  • The jungle isn’t your territory; thus, never get out of your safari jeep or canter and keep the excitement low.
  • Feeding animals in the forest is a crime. Don’t litter anything in the jungle. Always keep your electronic devices, gadgets, smartphones switched off.
  • Never take a combustible thing during the safari. Smoking is prohibited.
  • The jungle isn’t a friendly place. If any animal comes near you, show them respect. Keep breathing slowly. Don’t panic!
  • Eating in the jungle is not allowed. Taking proper water and juice intake is the only solution.
  • Wear clothes that easily fit in the wildlife environment.

Stay Safe While Traveling!

All of us are on the same page!

We want to travel, but the stress from the Coronavirus pandemic is stopping us from traveling. However, if safety measures are followed properly, then traveling will be at ease.

Maybe it has been more than two years since we’ve taken a vacation with our families and loved ones. For many, it is not the right time to travel. But, for others, it is now a casual practice.

In any case, the COVID-19 problem remains the same. Therefore, vaccinate yourself and stay safe while traveling!

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