Are you thinking of a fascinating and memorable trip in the coming weekends with your family members, loved ones, or close-knitted friends? Then, probably the heritage hunting grounds of Jaipur’s Maharajas can be your next paradise destination.

Situated around 200 KM from Jaipur, India, the Ranthambore tourist places are the right choice to spend quality time with others in the heart of the Indian landscape & nature.

The Ranthambore national park safari today is the safe shelter for tigers and a variety of wildlife species. The Ranthambore national park is one of the best national parks of India, rich in the wilderness.

Not only you see tigers in action, but your still encounters with them give you a feeling for the lifetime. Ranthambore gives you the best chance to enjoy an adventurous journey, and you can’t resist the lure of its nature. From the VIPs of India to the local villagers, everyone wants to check out the Ranthambore safari attractions!

Recently, Indian Bollywood celebrities Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt, and Ranbir Kapoor had visited Ranthambore. Since then, this tourist place is again in highlights throughout the world. However, the main question is –

How to Visit Ranthambore National Park?

Being a celebrated tiger reserve forest in India, it is well connected with rails, roads with all major cities of India. Furthermore, you can easily board a flight to Jaipur from any corner of the world and then come to Sawai Madhopur by train or road to reach Ranthambore park.

However, the timing to visit the park and nearby renowned tourist destinations is very important. The best time to visit Ranthambore is before and after the rains. Moreover, the place can heat up to 40°C, and this can further go down to 4°C in the winters.

While there is no such thing called the best month to see tigers in Ranthambore; if your luck is good enough, then you can see the one passing your jeeps and canters. Or you may find one, hunting deer or peacocks!

Among tons of tourist places in Ranthambore, the national park is the major one. However, here we have included a few top Ranthambore tourist places that you can add to your trip’s bucket list.

5 Major Attractions of Ranthambore Tiger Safari!

We have already told you that the place offers a great chance to observe ferocious tigers, nature’s uncanny magical beauty, and the wildlife nourishing itself in the fullest form.

In addition to the tiger park, the Ranthambore is full of joyful, historical, and engaging eye-catching places that you can visit in your leisure time. But, remember, whenever you are in this place, always keep a few things in your mind to keep yourself safe!

Thus, below is the list of the top 5 places to visit in Ranthambore:

Ranthambore Fort

Built-in 944 AD on a hilltop, this oldest fort in India inspires interiors & craftsmanship while giving a breathtaking view of the entire Ranthambore. In the famous Hammir court of the fort, even the whispering can be heard from a distance. Here, the migratory birds come in large numbers, and from the top of the fort, you can spot tigers easily!

Kachida Valley

Valleys everywhere in the world open your heart to natures’ soft side. You can fall in love with Kachida at first sight. Being at the border of the park, to spot panthers, sloth bears, and leopards is easy here, though it is a tiger-dominated area. You can have a great jeep safari time here. Further, if you visit Kachida, then do try to find beehives and large anthills.

Raj Bagh Ruins

It is best situated between two different places, i.e. Padam Talao and Raj Bagh Talao. This place takes you back to the historic period, the ancient period including arches, domes, outhouses, and offers the best scenic beauty along with the picturesque landscape. Visit this place and feel the royal era of Rajasthan!

Surwal Lake

Not very far from Ranthambore, the lake’s enchanted beauty makes it the best place for sightseeing. The best time to visit the lake is in the morning, where you can see the beautiful water bodies and melodious birds. Also, you get the chance to see birds doing breakfast. It’s a shallow lake; therefore, you must visit it in winters or rains and must take solace & peace with you.

Likewise Surwal lake, you can visit Padam Lake too. This lake is the main source of water for wildlife and other animals. On one side of this lake, you can visit Jogi Mahal. It is a scenic location, where you can find the large banyan trees and monkeys. You would like to stay and spend your night here, but sorry, the accommodation is restricted.

Village Women Craft

Witnessing varied wildlife in the Ranthambore national park safari is a beautiful experience, but now is the time to see women’s empowerment. Therefore, you must visit Village Women Craft to explore the culture and traditions of Rajasthan, India.

Buy wildlife painting, carpets, shawls, scarfs, bed covers, tribal rugs, and many other handmade goods and products. This village is a social initiative to support backward and rural women in becoming economically stable. Get a picture-perfect memento from Village Women Craft.

Just like this village, you can also visit Ranthambore School of Art working under government initiatives for promoting wildlife conservation is a must place to visit. Here, you can understand the increased importance of nature and all its living beings!

Ranthambore is a complete package of wildlife, a historic era, with nature enigmatic beauty, and a tiring trip, yet adventurous and a bon voyage!

When Are You Visiting Ranthambore?

We are pretty much sure that your trip to Ranthambore National Park and nearby tourist viewpoints & sightseeing locations will be an inspiring one.

However, it can be thrilling if you book Indian Inspire Journey’s Ranthambore Safari. We quote budget-fit prices and always keep the focus on affordability and the best touring experience.

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