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Jhalana Leopard Safari

Spread in an area of 23sq km Jhalana Leopard Safari Park is home to 30-35 leopards out of which 6-7 leopards have their territory in tourism area of park. Situated right in the heart of Jaipur city closer to Airport, Jhalana slowly is becoming a favorite destination to spot leopards in wild. This otherwise shy cat is the apex predator here and does not have much competition for survival which makes them confident and therefore better sightings.

Once a reserve forest around Jaipur, Jhalana has always been home to leopards and other smaller fauna including spotted deer, blue bulls, wild boars and loads of resident as well as migratory birds. Safari at Jhalana has been operational since December 2016 and as of now two safari routes are open for visitors.

India’s great geographical diversity makes it a virtual heaven for wildlife and adventure.You can see a large variety of flora and fauna across its plains, deserts, mountains, rivers, valleys, tropical rainforests, coastal mangroves, Himalayan foothills and the snow-clad regions of the Upper North.

Jhalana Leopard Safari has grown into a recognized non-profit wildlife park dedicated to conservation, education, and animals in wide open spaces. Jhalana Leopard Safari features over 500 animals representing their wild counterparts, making us a true intersection of human and nature nestled into the picturesque hills of Aravalli. It has leopards, jackals, nilgai, hyena,jungle cat, peacock, etc. With over 400 acres of space for some of the rarest, most endangered and simply coolest species on earth to roam, Jhalana Leopard Safari is truly an experience beyond a zoo.

With a good and healthy population of leopards, Jhalana safari park is the best place to sight a leopard. Sometimes it just happens within the 5 minutes of entering the park. Due to their diurnal nature Leopards can be seen in the daytime as they are not scared of the presence of jeeps and humans in their natural habitat. Jhalana safari park gains quick popularity among wild enthusiasts and holds a prominent place in wildlife tourism in the world. Nestled lazily in the foothills of the magnificent hilly terrain of Aravali, the park is the fantastic gateway to an adventure-filled holiday amidst the raw nature along with an unforgettable sighting of exotic wild animals.

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